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Friday, October 28, 2005

Mr. Murthy...Do you really deserve this Criticism???

The Ongoing Cold War between former prime minister H D Deve Gowda and the Infosys Chairman N R Murthy has reached some crucial stage.

It all started with Mr. Deve Gowda criticising Mr.Murthy that he has notcontributed any thing to development of the Bangalore airport. That madeMr. Moorthy to resign as the Chairman of the Bangalore International AirportLimited (BIAL), under the grounds that his roles have not been clearly defined as the Chairman.

Now, Mr.Gowda has struck again with his interview to rediff.com.

Here is a small excerpt of the interview :

Interviewer :

In today's situation, is there anything wrong in Infosys wanting to build a big campus?

Mr. Gowda:

Why do you only harp on Infosys, mister? Why do you want? Why do you want? [Shouts, looks visibly angry]. Is he [N R Narayana Murthy] the only person who built the name and fame of the IT sector? Is Wipro not doing anything?

If you are a true journalist you must have a fair outlook. Infosys, Infosys, Infosys. If Infosys goes, all the world goes?

and the interview....continues in a similar fashion...

Mr.Murthy do you really deserve all these Criticisms ???? !!!! ..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An Advert found at a Gas Station...

And ....Now who wants to get GAS after eating ??? !!!!!!!!!!! hmm..

It pays to be Slim...

A recent survey has revealed that 93% of the Bosses prefer to recruit SLIM workers

FAT workers find it harder to get jobs and promotions than thin people, a survey revealed yesterday.

More than 90 per cent of bosses admit that when they get an overweight and a slim candidate of the same ability, they are more likely to hire the worker of "normal" size.

One in 10 would not want a large employee to meet a client.

Karen Dempsey, editor of Personnel Today magazine, said :

Ben Willmott, from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said most bosses choose staff on ability, but added that weight is a "small aspect" which some employers take into account.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Evolution of Niagara..

Today , got a forward on the Evolution of Niagara since 1869 to till date....

Hope you can find out how Niagara has evolved over the years...

The following pic, i hope it has been captured while the outskirts of Niagara was constructed.

In the following Pic, i could not find the force of force not so huge, that we used to find
these days... Could you find the difference ???

Again in this picture, Niagara looks like.. just another waterfall....

Niagara in 1911.. Yes.. by now the outskirts of Niagara has been constructed and people have started visiting the big waterfall...

Niagara in 1985... Could you identify the Rainbow in this pic...????

Niagara in 2000...

Niagara.. that stands as of now....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Quotes on Marriage ...Are Bachelors listening??!!!!!!

Today got some quotes on marriage ... from a web page..

Here is glimpse of what i read...

"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband" - Persian Proverb

"Husband and wife in perfect accord are the music of the harp and and lute."--Chinese Proverb

"In buying horses and taking a wife, shut your eyes and commend yourself to God" - Italian proverb

"One should choose a wife with the ears rather than with the eyes," - English Proverb

"If a man would be really happy he should praise a wife but remain a bachelor." - Italian Proverb

"the more a wife loves her husband the more she corrects his faults" -Chinese proverb

"the first wife is a broom, the second a lady - Spanish lore

"The gadding (gossiping) wife will see a snake in the fire" - Eastern Proverb

"You must get a talkative wife if you wish to receive slaps on the face from every one" - Sinhalese Proverb

"Wife and children are bills of charge," - Popular Adage

"A good man will not beat his wife,A good dog will not worry a fowl." --- Chinese Proverb

"Take your wife's first advice, not her second,"

"Even though your wife is small and little, bow down to her in speaking" - this means, be kind to her and do nothing without her advice

"A man in the power of a woman dances to her like a donkey" - Hindustani Proverb

"In the rich woman's house she always commands, he never" - Spanish Proverb

"A fair wife, a wide house, and a back doorWill quickly make a rich man poor" - Marathi Proverb

"The husband's flour, the wife's salt," meaning that both should earn something - West Indian Adage

"A good wife and health Are a man's best wealth"-- Chinese Proverb

"Observe the face of the wife to know the husband's character" - Spanish Adage

"The jealousy of the wife is the path to divorce." - German Proverb

"A man who marries a second time deserves not to have lost his first wife," - German Proverb... Mr.Charles..Are you listening to this??

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ways to reduce spending in London

London is the Third most expensive city in the World, as it is observed from the table shown here

Now, Our desi's here have known ways to reduce spending so as to save money during their
short and long term of work here.

Here are the tips and tricks of the game followed by some of our people and other asians here.

* For Trasport get Network Rail Card. So that you get 1/3rd price offduring the off peak hours

* Find a fellow colleague who has a car and share the petrol price withhim for the month

* The best means of transportation is bi cycle or the lowest means isNada raaaja service

* Don't ever eat out. The best way to save money in eating is cook and dine at home

* Dont get Yoghurt(Curd) here. Bring the Curd bacteria from India and put milk over it and try to maintain the same curd.

* Bring all masalas, powders, rice and all other desi stuff while coming from
India, since they are costly here

* Also in your packing items the following should be there in sufficient quantity that should last for years.. Mysore Sandal Soap, Tooth paste,Shampoos etc..

* For Juices during dinner, get a concentrated juice squash and diluteit. this would last for days

* No movies to theatres. Get AOL unlimited connection and download all movies in home itself

* Still if you wife insists on going to theatres for cinema. Look outfor some odd week days on the day which theatres give some discounts.

* Find out days in which Newspapers give some free DVD's of some famous movies.

* Most movie rentals would offer free movies for the first month. Register,
watch movies and cancel the subscription at the end of the month.

Now i get it...what's the plan for the second month?? that's what your
question..am i right??

...You can give your wife's credit card details for the second

* Don't ever call on a mobile to a friend. Instead give a text (SMS) message
to your friends.

* Find the cheapest calling card that gives more minutes to call India

* Identify which commodity is cheap in which superstore. Some super storesgive offer on some food items

* If you are not concerned about the quality, you can go for some buy oneget one free

* Go to museums in London which have their entrance fee for free

* Dont miss out the concerts which are conducted for free in major parkssuch as Hyde park, Green park, etc.

* Decided to get Clothes here. Hm..thats worst decision. Any way, there are some charity shops which offer good clothes for cheap.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Are you paying higher for your PC..???

Samsung electronics is about to pay 300 million USD for conspiring along with its fellow DRAM

In a US district court Samsung electronics has admitted for fixing the price of the DRAM which
priced at 10USD more than the usual price.

Just like Match Fixing... Shall we call this CHIP Price fixing..or Cheap price fixing..???!!!!!

Thanks to Micheal Dell who first raised this issue in a financial conference about the price
fixing issue of the DRAM maunfacturing companies..

Right now ...there are four major DRAM manufacturers who contribute a major share
of the DRAM market....

Samsung (South Korea) - 30.7 %
Hynix (South Korea ) - 16.5 %
Micron (U.S) - 14.7%
Infineon ( Germany) - 13.6%

All the other DRAM manufacturers Hynix, Micron and Infineon have also pleaded guilty in
front of their respective country courts for their conspiracy...

It all shows to prove the tamil proverb : "If you are buying a cow, make sure that the price of the tail is included." ..and those who are searching for the tamil equivalent of this...here you go...

"Maataa kati vaanguraven, thalaium vaalum paarthu vaaganum".